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4 New Year’s Resolution Themes in a Pandemic

It’s the start of a new year and while we’ve lived the last two years under an oppressive pandemic cloud, it’s time for fresh starts and turning over new leaves.

The last two years of Covid has brought on isolation, lockdowns, separation, and paranoia.  With Australians on the brink of receiving their third vaccines this year, children under 12 starting to be vaccinated and the struggle to find home rapid antigen tests, the last thing on your mind may be writing a new year’s resolution.

So, this year, instead of creating those lists to lose weight, eat healthy, boost mental health and finally get your finances on track, I suggest we embrace resilience and optimism. 

Be kind to ourselves and our loved ones and show empathy to those around us.

This year, we should focus on one of four themes.

Pick ONE theme in your life that you’d like to work on. 

Not everything. 

We want to set ourselves up for success, not the demoralising realisation in December that you haven’t reached your New Year’s Resolution.


I’d like to think of these four core themes to guide your life this year.



What brings you joy?

Or grants you peace of mind?

Practicing mindfulness, meditation or writing in a gratitude journal can help you calm and focus your mind on what you’re thankful for.   Boost your mood with scents that awaken happy memories. Spend quality time with family and friends can bring you joy.

As a parent, I find myself breaking up my children’s squabbles as well as being a role model for how to live a happy life. 

Going to bed early, getting enough sleep and waking up happy the next morning are a good way to start your days happy this year.

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Over the last year, Covid has impacted our health.

During the pandemic, 39% of people have gained weight. Harvard explains this has been a result of stress increasing our cortisol driving us to consume foods high in salt, fat or both while our metabolism slowed.

Whether that be through gaining covid weight while watching the daily covid updates or hurting our mental health through being separated from family and friends, to knowing or being the one in your family battling covid. It has been a time where our health has suffered.

This year, take baby steps to regain control of your health. 

Get to bed early, drink plenty of water, make time for mindfulness, daily exercise and connecting with family and friends. 

Or if you’re like me and have discovered an allergic reaction to gluten, it’s time to overhaul your diet and get back on the path to health. 

Connecting with what makes us healthy is most important this year.

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The world of work changed dramatically over the last two years. 

If you were lucky enough to be able to work from home or if you were laid off, the last year has made us reconsider what it means to work and whether we want to be climbing the corporate ladder or spend time with those we love. 

According to research from Microsoft, 40% of employees globally are considering leaving their employers.  In the face of this great resignation, the way we are thinking about wealth is shifting. 

The Commonwealth Bank’s chief economist, Stephen Halmarick said "Australians have grown their savings to record levels during the pandemic" because of not being able to undertake their normal spending during lockdowns.

What are your wealth goals in 2022?

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When Covid first started, if we weren’t glued to the anxiety inducing 24 hour news cycle, we started binge watching Netflix.  When the episodes got stale, we turned to upskilling

Learning a new skill, music instrument, language or finally reading the list of books you’ve been meaning to get to. 

25% of adults under 28 years old learnt a skill, language or took up a hobby. 

A friend perfected the making of croissants.  I immersed myself in the world of non fiction audiobooks and my husband fell down many youtube holes about household repairs (which were very handy when he repaired a hole in the wall last week).

What did you learn in the last year that you’ll be putting into practice this year?

Knowledge is a journey. 

What are you planning to learn this year?

 Time to boost your knowledge this year and soar.

Soaring Wise Owl

We’ve survived two unimaginable years! 

With new year’s resolutions, it’s time to focus on what really matters in our lives. 

Pick one of these four themes and be kind to yourself as you improve that aspect of your life. 

Focus on your happiness, improving your health, getting your wealth on track or boosting your wisdom.