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Benefits of Australian Rosalina Essential Oil


Australian Rosalina PlantWith the medicinal power of eucalyptus oil and the relaxing properties of lavender, Australian Rosalina Oil is one of the latest native botanicals to be introduced to the aromatic world, evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity as well as imparting on us a multitude of healing benefits. 


Also known as Sweet Tea Tree or Lavender Tea Tree due to its soft, lemony, medicinal and gentle floral Tea Tree like aroma. Rosalina is a native to Australia and is part of the Melaleuca family - originally referred to as 'Swap Paperbark'. Rosalina is a tall, erect, bushy shrub or a small tree with leaves that are soft to the touch.  It is mostly found in Northern Tasmania, Bass Strait Islands, in Southern Victoria and along the coast to Northern New South Wales.


Most commonly, Rosalina essential oil is used for the health of the respiratory system, skin, and mind.  Rosalina oil is a fabulous choice when you are looking for skin care products with an added essential oil that has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune stimulating properties.


The skin loving Linalool (this is also found in significant quantities in Lavender) - the calming botanical compound, is found in high levels in Rosalina oil providing calming and relaxing qualities. Because of the Linalool and the Eucalyptol (1,8 cineole) content, Rosalina essential oil has been effective in treating acne, boils, tinea, herpes (cold sores), fungal infections, rashes, cuts, grazes, insect bites, infected wounds, dandruff and oily skin.


Benefits of Rosalina Oil


This delicate Native Australian Botanical oil packs a surprisingly powerful punch as a skin care ingredient and all round essential oil superstar. The key to adding essential oils to your skincare routine is to use them correctly and with care when combining multiple ingredients and this is best left to the experts.


Rosalina essential oil is strong enough to treat serious skin conditions. The oil has been used in bush medicine for thousands of years and as a treatment for boils, tinea, and even herpes (cold sores). Indigenous Australians used the flowers of the plant to make herbal tea with a calming aroma.


As an essential oil it is a wonderful healer of the mind and body as it treats illnesses such as colds, respiratory infections, and skin irritations while creating a relaxing environment. Rosalina is a very ‘yin’ essential oil, calming and relaxing and its sedative effect can help induce sleep and provide stress relief.


Rosalina oil has a mildly sedative and wonderful at lulling effect on children, helping them drift off to sleep. The calming effect of Australian Rosalina essential oil can help reduce anxiety, melt away stress and promote mental rest.  The perfect scent to include in a selfcare routine.


Skin Care Benefits

Rosalina oil is an ideal natural additive for skin care products as it is rapidly absorbed by the skin, suitable for sensitive skin and is ideal for children being gentler and less irritable to the skin than Tea Tree oil. Rosalina oil can help even skin tone, especially for those prone to blemishes, and soothe red, irritated skin.


Are you ready to experience the benefits of this latest Native botanical aromatic - Rosalina oil?


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