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Botanical Skin Care Benefits of Nerolina Oil

The anti anxiety immunity boosting properties of Australian Nerolina Oil, the gentlest of the Melaleuca plants, make it the perfect for use on children and adults alike.

The rise of organic, cruelty free, botanical skin care encompasses the growing awareness of people wanting to keep their homes and lives toxin free. Australian Nerolina Oil, is one of the many Australian native botanical oil ingredients used in the clean beauty products and knows for it's anti anxiety properties. The floral and slightly woody scent has the power to bring calm and peace when our lives can feel too busy.

Botanical Skin Care Benefits of Nerolina

Nerolina is related to the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and is traditionally found in the swampy lowlands of New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. It is an evergreen tree that grows up to 10 metres or 35 feet with papery bark and fragrant leaves. Equal parts of linalool and nerolidol give this oil very distinctive lavender and lilac notes with a clean, mildly woody aroma with floral top notes.


Nerolina is a decongestant, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and immune stimulant. Nerolina has been used medicinally for centuries, topically as a treatment for shingles, cold sores and head lice.  Today Nerolina oil is most commonly used as a natural fragrance in perfume and hair products due to its fresh fruity and floral aroma as well as for its botanical benefits.


Uses for Nerolina Oil in Natural Skin Care

Nerolina Oil offers a gentle approach to skincare. Its antibacterial properties help clear up acne and nourish the skin for a softer and smoother appearance.


In cosmetics and perfumery, Nerolina oil can be successfully used as a replacement for French lavender and is a cousin to the very popular 100% Pure Tea Tree essential oil but Nerolina oil has a much softer aroma and is gentler on the skin.


Nerolina is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that make it a good botanical skin care solution when it comes to softer, smoother skin and brings tone balance and overall strength to your skin.


Treating Blemishes and Minor Scratches

Blemishes or minor scratches or scrapes can benefit from the use of Nerolina oil as it is milder than Tea Tree oil with less tendency to irritate the skin.  Used as a mild antiseptic with anti inflammatory properties, Nerolina has been used to help boost immunity.


Soothing Age-Related Aches and Pains

Nerolina Essential Oil when added to a blend can also assist with treating aches and pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis and ageing. It can also help soothe pain and inflammation, especially when dealing with chronic inflammation or muscle tension.


Relieve Anxiety and Stress Relief

Nerolina oil has anti-anxiety properties that relax the body and soothe away stress.  It provides a cooling and calming effect that can help restore emotional balance. The nutrients in Nerolina oil allow it to easily infuse into the body because it is able to permeate the skin’s barrier layer. As an uplifting oil, Nerolina is ideal when you're feeling fatigued and exhausted.  It can heighten self esteem, bring clarity and self awareness.


Nourish Dry Skin

Nerolina is a rich emollient, making it an excellent addition to coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter or other natural moisturisers to heighten their ability to moisturise and soften skin. High in linalool (like lavender), Nerolina is gentler on the skin than other Australian Melaleucas (e.g. tea tree, eucalyptus), making it idea for use on children and babies.


Treat Scars

Nerolina is high in linalool which encourages the production of vitamin E.  This helps improve the appearance of existing scars by softening skin and speeding up the healing process of fresh wounds. Nerolina’s nutrients encourage the production of the skin proteins collagen and elastin.


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