International Women's Day 2019 – Kadee Botanicals

International Women's Day 2019

Women retire with around half the superannuation of men and two thirds of single retired Australian women over 65 currently live below the poverty line.  In fact, women over 55 years have been the fastest growing homeless group in recent times.
It’s no surprise when you consider they’ve endured a lifetime of being paid less than their male counterparts for the same job, having their income interrupted by taking on the role of the primary care giver to children or elderly parents and ultimately retiring with much less of a financial safety net in their superannuation than men.
The forgotten women
These women have been forgotten.
But not by us. 
Not to today! 
And not anymore.
Today is International Women’s Day and Kadee Botanicals are proud to sponsor The Forgotten Women International Women’s Day 2019 Breakfast Fundraiser to support Brisbane’s homeless women over 55.
The Forgotten Women
This International Women’s Day, even if you’re not at the breakfast fundraiser, you can donate at
And to make sure that you’re not forgotten, for the next 3 days we have 20% off all Kadee Botanicals Skincare.
Kadee Botanicals Skincare
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