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Oxidation in Skincare

Recently we were asked whether our Kadee Botanicals skincare in amber glass jars were at risk of being oxidized.

Now I’d heard of oxidation when it comes to foundation. 

That is when your foundation gets darker on your skin, a few hours after you apply it. 

I’d seen it action during school lunches when previously enticing sliced apples, exposed to oxygen, turned brown.

Oxidized Apple

The chemical reaction is called oxidization.

But how does it work with skincare?

We asked our resident scientist.

Here is what he had to say:


Creams in Jars can oxidize.

Some more quickly than others. 

However, if a cream is made correctly to withstand the elements every time the lid is opened, you will find it will last longer and not oxidize easily.

This depends on the stability of the ingredients that make up the formulation.

If the ingredients are fragile, like retinol, green tea, vitamin c and the 7 polyunsaturated oils, a cream is likely to oxidize quickly.

Kadee Botanicals skincare is formulated to withstand the elements they’re exposed to when the lid is opened.  The robust ingredients in the formulations include macadamia oil and avocado oil, that not only provide a luxurious feel, but are monounsaturated fats.

We also use Amber Jars to minimize the exposure to UV light, which is another way creams may become oxidised.

The key reason our Kadee Botanicals skincare is robust and less likely to become oxidized is due to our use of three Australian native active ingredients – Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Lemon Myrtle.

Where other formulations use toxic paraben preservatives to protect against the growth of bacteria or fungi, the natural properties of these three Native Australian Ingredients provide Kadee Botanicals skincare the same (but safer) protection.

The growth of broad spectrum microbes, such as bacteria and fungi, are slowed down and stopped by the antifungal properties of Kakadu Plum, the antibacterial properties of Lilly Pilly and the powerful antimicrobial properties of Lemon Myrtle.

Not just powerful natural antioxidants, you can’t go past these three Australian Native Botanicals - Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Lemon Myrtle.


Thanks for hanging in there with our short science lesson.

With the use of powerful Australian botanicals, no parabens, our Kadee Botanicals skincare is clean, vegan and scientifically proven to protect against bacteria and fungi.