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5 Age Defying Secrets your Skin will Love

Shakira recently defeated Jimmy Fallon in a Tik Tok battle on the Tonight Show and every  woman in the world wanted to know her age defying secret to beautiful skin.  

Facial Massage

We’ve all heard of staying hydrated, drinking water, getting enough sleep and wearing sunscreen, but you may not have heard of these five age defying secrets to flawless skin.


1. The power of facial massage

Facial massage offers numerous advantages, ranging from internal wellness to external beauty.

Enjoying a facial massage helps to stimulate blood flow, which in turn boosts your skin's collagen production.   Collagen is a protein that holds your skin structure in place and  helps to maintain your skin's suppleness, but did you realize that collagen makes up 75% of your skin's dry weight? That's a massive amount! So when we say that collagen is crucial, we're not joking. Our skin's collagen production also diminishes as we age, which adds yet another layer of importance.  

Another advantage of facial massage is that it promotes the drainage of the lymphatic system. Every cell in your body has a food supply (your blood) as well as a waste removal pathway (the lymphatic system). According to a study, the lymphatic system's ability to work efficiently decreases with age. By massaging your face, you are manually pumping the lymphatic system, encouraging it to eliminate cellular waste and unwanted bacteria that have accumulated. If you have puffiness beneath your eyes, a facial massage can help you get rid of it! But, as usual, treat your delicate under-eye skin with care.

We recommend using a tool that's specifically designed for the task. One that's designed for targeted precision and distributed pressure to prevent tugging your skin. Try the Gua Sha and Jade Roller combination by Kadee Botanicals. Using the jade roller also helps increase product absorption!



2. Do not waste, use a silk pillowcase!

 I used to watch a show called Survivor on TV. They venture into the bush to compete for survival and to be the last person standing after a series of challenges. On the show, there was a lady who did not appear her age. Despite the fact that she did not win, she was relieved to return home to her silk pillowcase. “It also helps with wrinkles”, she added. I needed to learn more and soon, I got my own!

Are you aware that you might be wasting your nighttime beauty products as they get smothered on your pillowcase? The most common material for a pillow case is cotton, and cotton has a nasty habit of absorbing moisture from your skin. This isn't good for your wallet or your skin care routine. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, do not have this flaw. Cosmetics and natural oils remain on your face when you use a silk pillowcase.

One of the natural oils produced by your skin is sebum. Its purpose is to hydrate, moisturize and reduce friction. So after applying Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream before bed, a silk pillowcase can level up your skin's hydration, therefore decreasing the appearance of wrinkles over time. 

If you're seeking a low effort, one time purchase with an ongoing age defying effect, this is it.



3. Get in the state, meditate!

You may have heard that chronic stress accelerates aging, and meditation reduces stress. But have you ever wondered how this whole dynamic actually works?

The answer resides with your telomeres.

Telomeres are like the cap on the end of your shoelace preventing it from fraying. Instead of protecting a piece of string, telomeres protect your chromosomes which hold genetic information. Your cells don’t remain the same; they duplicate, diye off, and get replaced. For this procedure, the genetic information inside your chromosomes are used. 

Stress shortens telomeres (your protective cap) faster, which leads to damaged genetic information. This can cause aging, disease and cancer. 

According to studies, meditation is strongly linked with longer telomeres, therefore preventing disease and aging. 


If you’d like to take up meditation for anti-aging purposes or general wellbeing, we recommend starting out using guided meditations. It’s the easiest way to get started.


Don't forget about your hands

4. Don't forget about your hands

Hands are often overlooked when it comes to a beauty regime, but looking after them makes a world of a difference! Your hands can reveal your age even when your face doesn’t.


Your hands receive unique exposure to all sorts of chemicals throughout the day, exposure unlike anywhere else on your body! Products like cleaning detergents and dishwashing liquid can wreak havoc on your hands by drying them out. Not to mention our necessary obsession with hand sanitizers since Covid. This is why you should wear gloves to prevent aging your hands prematurely.

We also recommend treating your hands like you treat your face. This means you should apply sunscreen and moisturize regularly. A few pumps of macadamia oil moisturizing goodness from Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion can restore your skin’s hydration without leaving a greasy feeling behind. 


5. Take a clean beauty approach and go for natural products

There are many commonly used ingredients in our skincare and beauty products that are causing more harm than good. Kadee Botanicals skincare was created many years ago to be free of the toxic ingredients found hidden in many products and now there are streaming documentaries showing just how poisonous these ingredients have been

Parabens have been linked to cancer, sulphates are known to dry out your skin and artificial fragrances contain multiple hidden toxins that have been known to cause chronic disease and infertility. 

Taking a natural clean beauty approach to skincare means avoiding the polluting ingredients that do more harm to your health than good. Creating a daily habit of using natural skincare products made with botanicals and plants naturally rich in antioxidants,  vitamins and with a calming botanical scent is a far better option to risking chronic health conditions.  

Check out the Kadee Botanicals anti-aging skin care!

Our products are formulated with care for your skin, overall health and the environment. 

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is filled to the brim with natural goodness to plump away those fine lines and wrinkles! It’s powerfully anti-aging whilst remaining light and absorbable. Not to mention, it’s jam packed with antioxidants to protect your skin cells from free radicals.

Use the Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream to brighten those darker circles with the highest source of vitamin C out there, Kakadu Plum. This anti-aging eye cream has the soothing combination of cucumber oil and jojoba oil, at your service to fade out those fine lines. It’s antioxidant rich thanks to Australia's finest, Kakadu plum!