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7 Benefits Of Using Magic Ice Globes

The latest innovation to help reduce puffy eyes, boost circulation, relieve sinus and headache pain and calm skin irritations are the Magic Ice Globes.  If you haven’t yet heard of them, you’re in for a refreshing chilled massage you can do at home!

Take your skin to the next level in at-home skincare with our limited-edition Magic Ice Globes.

What are Magic Ice Globes?

Magic ice globes
are cooling wands made of elegant artisanal glass containing cold liquid. Feel like Hermione while massaging away the stresses of life.  The chilled smooth sphere provides an even surface during an acupressure massage that cools and reduces inflammation, irritation and puffiness.

If you have been on TikTok recently or Instagram you would have seen multiple videos of women using these wands on their face and eyes and seeing amazing results.

7 Benefits Of Using Magic Ice Globes On Your Face

7 Benefits of Magic Ice Globes 

1.Reduce Puffiness & Inflammation

We all dread that feeling of waking up going into your bathroom and taking that first look in the mirror only to see bags under our eyes or a puffy morning face. Sometimes we do everything right, drink plenty of water, try to get the right amount of sleep but still wake up with bags under our eyes or puffy skin. Thankfully these amazing Magic ice globes can help us out in our time of need.

The Magic Ice Globes reduce bags under our eyes and puffiness in our face by constricting the capillaries which help minimize the build-up of fluid that sometimes we see under our eyes or on our face. Once the cold Magic Globes touch your face, blood rushes away from the face which will reduce the swelling, the blood will return with new red blood cells giving your skin a tighter brighter look.


2. Boost Skin Elasticity


Not only do the chilled Magic Ice Globes help reduce the inflammation, adding just a short facial massage to your day with the Magic Ice Globes can make such a difference in reducing inflammation and boosting skin elasticity.  Skin naturally produces collagen fibres that hold up the dermal layer. As we age, our skin’s production of collagen drops off.  Using skincare potent in Vitamin C along with a chilled Magic ice globes massage helps to reawaken your skin’s production of collagen that increases skin elasticity.

Just 5 to 15 minutes a day of a chilled Magic Ice Globes massage may boost collagen production and skin elasticity.  Use with Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream and Hydrating Day & Night Cream, made with Australian Kakadu Plum, the highest natural source of Vitamin C.

3. Healthy Glowing Skin


We all strive for healthy glowing skin, using anything and everything we can to achieve this goal. The Magic Ice Globes make it easy to achieve healthy glowing skin, when the cold temperature of the globes touches your face the blood vessels will contract and tighten, when the skin returns to normal, the blood vessels dilate back quickly. The suddenly increased flow of oxygen and blood from the face gives the skin a nice healthy glow

4. Reduce the size and appearance of large pores


We all know taking a hot shower opens up our pores and makes them appear larger. It’s the opposite when it comes to cold temperatures. Using the cold Magic Ice Globes on the skin helps to decrease the size of pores and shrink them, making your skin appear clearer and smoother.

Reducing the size of your pores with the Magic ice globes reduces the possibility of clogging and oil or bacteria build-up which is more likely to happen with larger pores.

5. Reduce Redness

You may not be able to help blushing in an embarrassing situation, but redness caused due to irritation from waxing, sunburn, picking at pimples or inflammatory acne can be reduced with the help of Magic ice globes.

The cold temperature of the ice globes when massaged gently on the affected area reduces the swelling and redness by drawing excess blood away and reducing excess fluid build-up.

Use the magic ice globes for 5 to 15 mins on the affected area or until you are happy with the reduction of the redness.

6. Relieve Sinus and Headaches

You know that feeling when the headache or sinus pain is so powerful and debilitating.  Reach for the chilled Magic Ice Globes for an acupressure massage to help reduce sinus, headache or muscle pain.

Magic Ice Globes Massage


7. Increase the absorption of the potent ingredients in your skincare

Want the potent Vitamin C or antioxidants in your skincare to penetrate the top layer of your skin and benefit the deep skin tissues faster?  Have the collagen boosting power of Australian Kakadu Plum activate your skin’s natural production of collagen? 

A massage with the chilled Magic Ice Globes may help your skincare products active ingredients absorb more effectively.  Plus, a facial massage at home with your favourite skincare products and the Magic Ice Globes turns a skincare routine into a selfcare ritual.

How to use your Magic Ice Globes

Before you use your Magic Ice Globes, rinse them with water then pop them in the fridge (between +5℃~+10℃) for less than 20 minutes (never in the freezer).

Take your favourite Kadee Botanicals skincare products and massage into the skin on your face.

Using the Magic Ice Globes, roll the spheres upwards along your jawline, cheek bones and forehead.  This gentle massage motion will boost oxygen to your skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Next roll the Magic Ice Globes under your eyes to reduce dark circles and inflammation.  Start from the inner under side of your eye and roll towards the outside. Follow the same approach with your other eye.

You’ll notice your skin starting to brighten and tighten as you gently massage with the Magic Ice Globe.

When you’ve finished with your Magic Ice Globes massage, clean them with soapy water, pat dry and store them in the bag. 

Do not store in the fridge.

Practice a little self care with a luxurious chilled Magic Ice Globes massage at home today.

Choose from Silver, Pink, Purple or Blue. Or upgrade to the New Green or New Pink style Magic Ice Globe.  Suitable for all skin types.

New Blue Magic Ice Globes