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8 Ways To Wellness During Lockdown

In these times of Covid19 and self isolation, it’s hard not to get swept up in the constant news cycle. Numbers. Curves. Distancing. 

The stress of home schooling while working from home. 

Suddenly realising your home isn’t big enough for the whole family.

The anxiety of social distancing, not being able to meet up with friends, not being able to get to the gym or your regular café or Sunday lunch at grandmas. 

These are challenging times.   

It’s time to turn off the news and focus on your health and wellbeing. 

8 Ways To Wellness During Lockdown

Time to make hand washing thoroughly fun. Time to decorate that mask. Time to connect with friends with a video call.  Drinks Friday. Coffee Monday. All in iso.  Social distancing but still connecting.

In the spirit of making social isolation fun, here are 8 ways to look after your wellbeing during lockdown.

  1. Get Moving – While in iso, don’t forget the daily exercise plan. Wake early and ease in with a salute to the sun. A little meditation to calm your soul. Crank up the music and challenge the rest of the household to a dance battle.  Of if you’re more creative, set up an obstacle course around your home and spend hours of fun playing Ninja Warrior.  Be sure to hydrate with some water to keep you going.
  2. Eat Well and embrace your inner Masterchef - Suddenly baking and trying all those difficult recipes that only Masterchefs should attempt seems like a good idea. If you’re like me and have an aversion to that room in the house, but absolutely love eating, time to watch a few videos from the experts and start your professional culinary career. You know that your fellow captives will appreciate your crème brulee or other baked delight (just don’t burn down the place).  Also, don’t forget to boost your immunity with some healthy fruit and vegetables.  Berries are my favourites, so perhaps a berry baked delicacy?
  3. Bored Games – Time to dust off those board games and challenge the family. Snakes and Ladders anyone? Or Game of Life?  How about Chess?  It gets competitive at our place, especially with the reigning Snakes and Ladders Champion.  Definitely hours of fun.  What better way to boost your endorphins, laughing during the next game of Cluedo?
  4. Pamper Session at Home – While you’re baking or in a challenging chess match, why not treat yourself to a facial or hair mask. Maybe a manicure or pedicure. Time to try out that new makeup look you’ve been thinking of or colour your own hair.  Find that old foot massager and get that set up for a pamper session.  Follow your facial with Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream and Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream.  After a bath, massage Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion into your skin and let the scent of Australian botanicals transport you to a calm sanctuary.
  5. Grow a garden – With all this time on your hands, why not grow your own vegetables garden. The Woolworth’s discovery garden are the perfect distraction.  I like to call grandpa for gardening advice.  Those skills he learnt growing up on a farm are incredibly useful now.  Growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, basil, carrots and more can be a huge accomplishment.  I’ve even heard that they taste better…
  6. Video Call – do all this while you’re video calling friends. Share a coffee while you chat over your vegetable gardens with mum.  Book Friday drinks and celebrate the new (home) hair colour your friend did.  Dress up for bin day and video call with friends while you take your bin out in style.  Try that new make-up technique, lay out some baked treats, put on some chill tunes and video call your besties for Saturday night cocktails.   Teach an older neighbour to use Zoom and help her feel less isolated.  You know that thing you’ve always wanted to learn? Book a video call with an expert and learn something new. 
  7. Binge a Podcast – You know your idols. The ones you always wanted to invite to that mythical dinner table so you can soak up their wisdom. Well they have a podcast! I just learnt that Brene Brown has a podcast.  Time to binge listen to their wisdom and maybe get a little wiser yourself.  What podcasts are you listening to?
  8. Read a Book – So many books, so little time. Not anymore!  With all the time in the world, you can really learn the secret to a long and happy life.  Read “Ikigai” written by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles.  Go through that list of books you’ve always wanted to read, if only you had time.  Now’s your time.  Get reading.  And maybe reconnect with a Video book club?

In the spirit of transparency, while writing this list, our TV broke (so no Netflix recommendations in sight).  Let me know what you’ve been watching during iso.  I’ll add them to my list for when the TV is back in action.

We may be social distancing, but we can still stay connected.  Together. Apart.