In Love with Jade – Kadee Botanicals

In Love with Jade

I’ve recently fallen in love.

It’s cold and green and rolls.

I use it every day. Morning and night.

Right after I apply my Kadee Botanicals skincare. 

It feels so luxuriously cold against my skin and helps the botanical nutrients of Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil and Lilly Pilly to be absorbed in.

Jade Roller

Since adding the ritual borrowed from Chinese Empresses, I’ve noticed my skin become brighter and actually glow.  Not like, when I was pregnant and glowing with plump water retention.  Actually, glow without the puffiness. 

Applying the cold Jade stone against my skin twice daily cools any redness, closes pores and improves the appearance of my skin.

So, yes, I’m in love.

And I need to share.

With you.

If you haven’t tried it already, adding the Luxury Jade Facial Massage Roller to your skincare routine can bring you envious results.

Using the roller cold (store it in your fridge), after you’ve applied your Kadee Botanical skincare, and starting from the centre of your face, gently roll outward and upward.  The massage is not only relaxing and feels nourishing, it helps your skin more readily absorb the nutrients from your skincare.

The Chinese Empresses must have had amazing skin, because the benefits of the Jade facial massage roller are plenty!  The benefits may include:

  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins
  • Boost circulation and blood flow
  • Promote collagen production
  • Revitalise complexion and improve skin tone
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce puffiness and inflammation
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines
  • Reduce dark under-eye circles
  • Tone slackening muscles
  • Tighten and reduces pore size
  • Sculpt and contour your face
  • Relaxation and stress relief

I can tell my skin looks better!

After trying these, I had to add it to our products list and looked high and low for the most sturdy and reliable roller.  I wanted one that was compact (so you can take it anywhere), ideal for the smaller eye area and the larger surface areas (so a dual massage roller was a must) and reliable (naturally made with welded metal instead of glue). 

A daily pampering ritual that is a pleasure to use.

The Jade Facial Massage Roller is now available at Kadee Botanicals.