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The Truth On How Long Skin Care Products Take to Really Work


Quality skin care products definitely help our skin to look and feel its best, but which ones really work and how fast? 

Let's dive deep into the realities of skin care solutions with some timelines that might surprise you.


The Truth On How Long Skin Care Products Take to Really Work


First, let’s get more acquainted with our skin:

  • It’s the biggest organ of our body
  • It covers around 20 square feet of area
  • It regulates our temperature
  • It protects the body from microbes and lesser physical impacts
  • It’s hard working and deserves a good skin care regime that will return the love

While our minds live in the age of now!, our skin continues to work to its own regular routine. It doesn’t work by same-day deliveries and instant downloads. Your skin has a process of regeneration that no amount of clock-watching will speed up. With that in mind, and with all the promises that skin care products make to the face, hands, legs and feet, here’s what we know.

The instant joy from skin care products can be softer-feeling skin, but the true effects only start to be felt or seen around the 28-day mark. That’s roughly the time for skin to go through its natural cycle: fresh skin cells, to mature skin cells, to expired cells that flake off and back to new skin cells.

For Best Results, Dermatologists Say…

Follow a regular, long-standing routine

A daily routine definitely goes a long way to good skin health but when starting a new routine, dermatologists say that results only really become apparent after about three months. If you chop and change every month or so because you’re just not seeing enough of a result, you’re short changing yourself and possibly the new product you’ve purchased.

Vitamin C is king

It’s the vitamin that’s proven to combat free radicals, which are a toxic by-product of a body converting food to energy and the sun reacting with our skin and eyes. Vitamin C renders these free radicals powerless. So always look for a skin care product that contains Vitamin C and apply it daily for long-term results. The Kakadu Plum, found right here in Australia and boasting the highest Vitamin C content of any plant, features in all of Kadee Botanicals’ range of skin care because it gives such a hydrating, antioxidant boost to your skin.

Use a sunscreen!

Australian dermatologists especially agree that healthy-looking skin is sustained for longer periods if you do more than just clean away impurities and then moisturise. It’s about blocking UV light, especially those sneaky reflected UV rays that bounce off footpaths, sand, buildings and water. Use a reliable SPF sunscreen as part of your skin care and there’ll probably be less damage to repair in the long term.


Common Skin Care Products and Expectations

There are thousands of great, good and dubious skin care solutions. We’ve chosen a select few of the most popular products and the time each one takes to deliver a result.


The Facial Cleanser

Time to result: 30 days*

The cleanser is just that – a daily cleanser of facial impurities. The results don’t really go beyond the day it’s used… BUT what a difference a good cleanser makes if you’ve fallen asleep with your make-up on! And there’s almost no better feeling of skin refreshment than to apply an exfoliation mask to remove that top dry, dead layer of skin.

*If you haven’t been as assiduous in facial cleansing, and if you start doing it daily, you will see an improvement in blemishes, dryness and dullness within about a month.


Retinol and Retinoids

Time to result: Around 10 weeks for non-prescriptive; 4-6 weeks for prescription

These are a good treatment for acne but it’s always advisable that you speak to a dermatologist prior to commencing any retinol treatment. A form of Vitamin A, retinol helps reduce wrinkles by triggering the outermost skin cells to turn over faster to reveal new smoother and even tone skin cells.  Clever and natural.


Eye Cream

Time to result: 6-8 weeks

Not all eye creams work on puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. The cooling properties of cucumber, brightening benefits of Kakadu Plum and hydration of Jojoba Oil, found in Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream, help combat these exact conditions.



Time to result: Instant, but better results in a fortnight

Moisturiser is the ‘Miss Popularity’ of the skin care world. Yes, you can get results straight away from a good moisturiser but keep applying the right mixture for the right body zone and you’ll have smoother, more supple skin in around 14 days.

Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream is an ideal moisturiser that provides a brightening Vitamin C boost from Kakadu Plum to support skin’s production of collagen, while the combination of organic Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil work to hydrate and revitalise dull, uneven skin.



To wrap up, if it’s a promised quick-fix to softer, smoother skin, beware: skin transformation takes time! Review the ingredients and ask whether the quick fix comes at the cost of long-term damage.

Using natural and toxin-free ingredients in your skincare routine promises a more sustainable skin transformation. 


Kadee Botanicals uses vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free ingredients and offers a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of our skin care range.

We believe in it that much that no new formulations are added to our range without strict testing.

From the Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day-and-Night Cream, to our nourishing Eye Cream and Body Lotion, you’ll enjoy skin care products that really work.