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Vegan Skincare Benefits Your Skin and the Planet

You don’t have to follow a Vegan diet to know that skincare that is made from plant based ingredients is better for you and better for the planet.  When we decided to create skincare without harm, it was only natural that we chose vegan skincare.

  Vegan Skincare Benefits Your Skin and the Planet

Being Vegan is no longer a term used exclusively in a dietary context - “Vegan Skincare” is a growing market and as we become more aware of our impact on our surroundings, the ethical choice. You would not be alone if you are unsure what exactly Vegan Skincare is but even if you're a dairy and meat lover, you might still be interest in vegan skincare and the benefits it delivers for your skin and the environment.


Don’t confuse vegan with cruelty free. Not every cruelty-free product is vegan, as many products that are considered cruelty free still may contain milk, honey, or lanolin. So, if you’re looking for products that fall into both categories, you must check for both the vegan and cruelty-free distinctions.


Hidden ingredients to look for when looking for Vegan skincare!


Lanolin: A common skincare ingredient used for its incredibly moisturising and healing properties and made from the fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool.  Lanolin is what makes sheep’s coat waterproof and has been used to prevent metal from rusting.


Carmine/ Cochineal Extract or Red 4: Cochineal extract is taken from the Cochineal bug which are sun-dried, crushed and mixed with Carmine Acid to create the red pigment you may find in some lipsticks.


Fish Scales/Guanine: This ingredient is extracted from fish scales and found in personal care products such as lipsticks and nail polish to achieve a pearlescent shine.


Honey: There is often debate surrounding whether or not Honey is considered Vegan. If you are a strict Vegan however, keep an eye out for Honey which is used in many natural skincare and beauty products for its moisturising and antioxidant properties.


Although vegan skincare has the appeal of not sourcing ingredients from animals, there is a much greater force behind its growing acceptance as people are increasingly aware of the affects their product choices have on the planet. Researchers have found that cutting meat and dairy from your diet reduces your carbon footprint by up to 73 per cent.  Choosing skincare free of animal ingredients reduces this further.


Vegan skincare ingredients are very minimal and natural, generally nourishing the skin rather than causing irritation making them ideal for sensitive skin types. As Veganism as a dietary choice continues to grow in popularity, the natural beauty industry continues to change with it!


Key Benefits of Vegan Skincare


  1. Good for Animals

Vegan skincare is good for animals, as by definition - Vegan means “containing no animal products” and typically is also “cruelty-free” (no animals were harmed or tested in creating your product). Having a clear conscience knowing your choices as a consumer are contributing towards a kinder, safer world for animals.


  1. Good for the Planet

Good for animals also means good for the planet as vegan skincare is free from many hidden nasties and animal by-products as well as avoiding many of the pesticides animals are exposed to from farming which are found in regular skincare.


One of the biggest benefits of Vegan skincare is sustainability. According to scientists at the Smithsonian Institution, every minute seven football fields worth of land is bulldozed to create more room for farmed animals and the crops that feed these animals. Veganism also works to reduce the impact of pollution as The Worldwatch Institute estimates that at least 51% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by livestock and the by-products of the livestock industry. The agricultural industry is also responsible for 55% of the world’s water usage.


  1. Good for Your Skin

Vegan skincare products contain a lot less ingredients than regular items you see on the beauty shelves making them ideal for sensitive skin. Animal ingredients can be harsh and clog pores, so vegan products are a soothing alternative.


What’s more, the plant-derived ingredients in vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin. You feel far healthier if you eat foods in their natural state – and the same logic applies to skincare. Your skin will thrive off being fed natural, vegan ingredients.


  1. Good for Your Health

Vegan skincare is not only better for animals, the planet and our skin, it’s also better for our health. Studies from research conducted by Bionsen have found that the average woman puts up to 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without even knowing it. Those chemicals are absorbed  into our skin, causing all sorts of health issues. Switching to vegan skincare cuts down on the daily exposure to harsh artificial ingredients providing improved health in the long term and nourishes the body to support natural production of collagen.


Is there such a thing as - Plant Based Collagen


Plants don’t “grow” or contain collagen like humans or animals do. But, they do play a large role in how animals and humans continue to produce collagen. Having a diet consisting of high healthy fats and vitamins (especially Vitamin C) will produce more collagen in your body. Although collagen production slows as we age, it never stops, and if you supply your body the proper nutrition to make healthy collagen, the age-related decline isn’t as notable.


Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are oranges, kiwi, red peppers, kale, and broccoli and the Australian Indigenous Kakadu Plum which contains the world’s highest level of vitamin C, which helps to protect and support the skin cells, reduces inflammation, strengthens, and lessens hyper-pigmentation. The added benefits of Ellagic acid and Gallic acid in the Kakadu Plum encourage collagen production and skin repair and help reduce inflammation, making the Kakadu Plum a star anti-ageing ingredient in Kadee Botanicals skincare.


Vegan skincare products contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin, which is definitely beneficial to our skin when applied daily and over time. Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products we apply to it, so it’s important to make sure that our skincare isn’t made up of chemicals, toxins, synthetic, processed and full of preservative ingredients! If you’re going to clean up your diet, why not make your beauty regime healthier too?


Ready to switch to vegan skincare and make a positive change to your daily beauty regime?


Kadee Botanicals skincare is Vegan.  We’re serious about Beauty without Harm and choose to provide skin nourishing antioxidants and nutrients from plants.