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What’s the Problem with Mineral Oils in our Skin Care?

Mineral Oils 

Gasoline, kerosene and diesel are all liquids that are derived from petroleum which keep our vehicles, aircraft and lamps running, but why are these being used in our skin care?


Petroleum is an ingredient in so many of our skincare and body products, even if you don’t realise it. Called “Mineral Oils” in cosmetics, they’re typically highly refined and used for their hydrating properties.  Ingredients you might see listed that are part of the petroleum family are: Paraffin, Paraffin Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Cera Microcrystalline, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Unspecified Waxes, Mineral Spirits, Petroleum and Distillates.  



Mineral Oils are a colourless and odourless oil which is a by-product of the distillation process made from petroleum. A popular ingredient found in many cosmetic products Mineral Oils may stop skin from producing Vitamin D, cooling the body or removing impurities with perspiration.


What’s the Problem with Mineral Oils?

Those of us who care about natural, nutritious products for skin don’t like Mineral Oil for several reasons. Here are the top three reasons to avoid it:


  1. Contaminated with Toxins

Mineral Oil is available in different grades. Cosmetics use “cosmetic grade” Mineral Oil, which is more purified than technical grade, but scientists have expressed concern about it. and there is strong evidence that Mineral Oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body from air inhalation, food intake, and dermal [skin] absorption.


  1. Pore Blocking

Mineral Oils can clog your pores and increase the risk of acne and blackheads. This oil forms a physical barrier over your skin to reduce moisture loss, but if you already have bacteria on your skin, or use a product with other ingredients that can clog pores, even the most refined Mineral Oil will seal that in, increasing the risk of breakouts. 


  1. No Skin Benefits

This is probably the most significant reason to avoid Mineral Oils. This oil has no nutrients and does not providing hydration that penetrates the skin, it just sits on top of the skin preventing moisture loss.


In the past that may have been acceptable with Vaseline and Baby Oil being popular, but today there are a number of superior alternatives! Mineral Oil can be substituted with any number of natural emollients that do more than hydrate temporarily by preventing the moisture in skin from evaporating. Natural ingredients include: shea butter, olive, jojoba, coconut and grape seed oils and rose hip seed that provide a myriad of benefits, including skin plumping essential fatty acids, skin firming nutrients and free radical fighting antioxidants.


These natural oils also have fewer environmental impacts as they are from renewable resources and allow moisture to freely cross the skin barrier.

Why settle for products using petroleum derived ingredients when you can do so much more for your skin and choose Kadee Botanical’s products that use only natural ingredients: eye cream, hydrating day and night cream and body lotion.