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5 Benefits Of Having A Beauty Fridge For Your Skin

Storing your skincare and beauty products in your own specially designed beauty fridge is one of the many ways you can help keep your skincare products potent. Toxin-free skincare formulations with active ingredients (think retinols, niacinamide, vitamin C and more) last longer in a cool environment. While your facial massage tools (jade roller, gua sha) feel better chilled and ready to massage away any puffy skin or inflammation on your skin. If you're ready for clean beauty skincare and cold massage tools, read on to learn why you need to invest in your own beauty fridge

 5 Benefits of Having a Beauty Fridge for Your Skin

What Is A Beauty Fridge?

If you’ve done any research around clean beauty, you’ve surely come across the term “Beauty Fridge”. A beauty fridge is a specialised refrigerator designed to keep your skincare products cool and fresh. What’s more, a beauty fridge is designed to preserve your products so that they remain potent for longer. The best part about a beauty fridge? You can store everything from stone massage tools and skincare products. It’s no surprise that a beauty fridge is becoming more popular for everyday use. Why? It helps keep your products safe and effective, while also keeping your skincare ingredients potent.


5 Benefits of Having a Beauty Fridge

1. Chilled products boost circulation and reduce inflammation

If you've suffered from puffy skin, inflammation, or rosacea, you know how nice it feels to apply cold Eye Cream or Hydrating Day & Night Cream on your skin. Your skin loves the feeling of the cold formulation and absorbs the active ingredients more easily. Plus, applying your cool skin care products with a chilled jade roller or massage in your active serum with a cold gua sha, can help with reducing inflammation and sculpting.


2. Preserves Your Skincare

When you're using toxin-free skincare and beauty products, a beauty fridge is essential to preserve your clean beauty products. Formulations free of harsh preservatives like parabens or other chemicals needed to lengthen shelf life, while harming your health, are best kept in the fridge. A beauty fridge keeps your skincare products at the right temperature. This helps them to remain potent and effective for longer, as well as helps you to use them for longer. Skincare with potent ingredients like Vitamin C, which help boost collagen production and fade age spots should be stored in a cool area for best results. Also, keeping your skin care products in a beauty fridge can help increase their potency. Since they’re kept cool, they also have less of a chance of becoming oxidized and losing their efficacy.


2. Prevents Bacteria Growth

A beauty fridge is designed to keep your skincare products cool, which helps to keep them bacteria-free. This is especially important when storing products containing active ingredients such as retinols, Vitamin C and more. These ingredients may lose potency in warmer temperatures as they are exposed to hotter days or warm bathrooms. Keeping them at higher temperatures, such as in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, means that they begin to break down quickly. Keeping your skincare products cool in a clean beauty fridge helps to retain potency, as well as keep microbes at bay.


4. Slows Oxidation

As we mentioned above, skincare products that become warm (on a hot day or sitting in a warm bathroom) can become oxidized and lose efficacy. Keeping your skincare products in a beauty fridge helps to slow oxidation by keeping them cool. Once skin care products are opened and exposed to air, they have the risk of becoming oxidized. Refrigerating your skin care products slows down the oxidation process and keeps them from becoming inactive.


5. Chills Massage Tools

If you’re a skincare enthusiast like us, you know how important it is to keep your facial massage tools chilled. Keeping your Jade Roller  or Gua Sha in a beauty fridge not only cools the stone but is also ready for use and is more effective in massaging your skincare products into your skin during a relaxing facial massage at home.


2 Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Beauty Fridge


1. Function & Design

Beauty fridges come in a range of designs, features and functions. Do you need a mirror on the door to help when you're applying your products? Are the shelves adjustable to fit your tallest product in there?

Consider where you'll keep your beauty fridge. Does the beauty fridge fit in your bedroom, wardrobe or somewhere else? What colour would fit into that room?


2. Space

Make sure that the capacity of your beauty fridge is large enough to store all of your skincare products. Does it have enough storage to fit all your skincare bottles, masks, sheets and stone massage tools? If your fridge only has room for your skincare products, your skincare routine will be much simpler and easier.

Make sure that you choose a beauty fridge that fits into your life and can fit all the beauty products you need to keep cool.


Owning a beauty fridge is an investment in maintaining the potency of your clean beauty skincare products, facial massage tools and as well as a reflection of your style. Using chilled products on your skin helps reduce inflammation, calm rosacea and other sensitive flair-ups as well as reduce puffy skin. Now it's all about which Beauty Fridge fits your style, how much space your need in your beauty fridge, and where it will live in your home. You already know the benefits of toxin-free skincare and value a good jade roller and gua sha massage, become the envy of all your friends with your own 8 Litre Luxury Beauty Fridge with Mirror.