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7 Benefits of Vitamin C

It’s officially winter in the southern hemisphere!

7 Benefits of Vitamin C

The days are longer, jumpers are out and the gloves are on. 


And we’re all thinking about how to boost our immunity and keep our families healthy. 


Don’t forget the benefits of Vitamin C!


We all know that Vitamin C can boost your immune system and come winter we fill our shopping trolleys with oranges, berries and leafy greens, but did you know that Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can do more than boost your immune system?


Vitamin C can benefit your skin, hair, mental health, iron absorption, blood pressure and even weight loss!


You know when you’re deficient in Vitamin C when your hair is dry and splitting, you’re prone to getting sick, your gums are inflamed, your joints are painful and swollen, and your skin is rough and dry.


A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C benefits in skin and hair is especially exciting. 


No one wants the skin of a lumberjack!


Time to really explore the benefits of Vitamin C and find out how to let more Vitamin C into our lives.


7 Benefits of Vitamin C


1.      Vitamin C is a Strong Antioxidant


A clear benefit of Vitamin C is that it’s a strong antioxidant, which protects our cells and helps limit free radical damage to our body.  Along with Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, Vitamin C may keep our body younger and protect us from life threatening sicknesses.


Consuming more vitamin C can increase the antioxidant levels in blood by up to 30% and help the body defend against inflammation, studies have shown.


This is especially true during exercise and why oranges are a hit during half time in every weekend football match. Exercise induced oxidative stress is more pronounced with people who are deficient in Vitamin C.  This is when free radicals and oxidative stress can benefit by a boost in antioxidant levels in the blood and protect against inflammation and damage.


2.      Vitamin C Reduces Blood Pressure


Another benefit of Vitamin C is that it is water soluble.  This means it can help lower blood pressure.


Vitamin C can help the kidneys be more efficient in removing sodium and water and relax blood vessels. 


By lowering blood pressure, Vitamin C can reduce your chance of having a stroke and improve cardiovascular health. 


3.      Vitamin C Helps Iron Absorption


We all know how it feels like to be low in iron. 


The tiredness that we put down to having a busy life, being a mum or juggling too many things. 


Well, Vitamin C can help!


Iron is crucial to our body as it carries oxygen through the blood to every organ, keeping us awake, alert and not tired.  Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables have been known to release the availability of iron from cereals and pulses.  Vitamin C helps our bodies better access this iron that our bodies need. 


4.      Vitamin C Boosts Your Immunity


Want to prevent curable diseases and protect yourself and your family from colds and flu?


Vitamin C can help.


Essential to the immune system, Vitamin C can help reduce inflammation and increase strength.


Vitamin C benefits the immune system by minimising the severity of allergic reactions and help fight off infections.


If you want to stay healthy, add more Vitamin C to your diet can help. 


5.      Vitamin C Helps You Lose Weight


Watching what you eat and making sure you exercise can be improved with Vitamin C.


Boosting your Vitamin C intake while maintaining a balanced diet and sticking to a workout regime has been known to eliminate fat faster.  Studies have show that people who have high Vitamin C burn 30% more fat during moderate exercise than people with low Vitamin C.


If you’re low in Vitamin C, your ability to hold onto fat is higher during exercise.


So if you want to lose fat fast, eat high Vitamin C rich food before you exercise and get the most out of your workout.


That punnet of strawberries is looking enticing. 


Time to get that iso weight, we’ve all accumulated during lockdown, under control.


6.      Vitamin C Boosts Your Mental Health


We now know Vitamin C helps with your physical health, reduce inflammation and losing weight, but did you know it can help with your mental health?


People who have higher levels of Vitamin C are less likely to have fatigue or suffer from depression.


Vitamin C deficiency can cause neurological damage, depression and anxiety.  A study at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Department of Neuroscience in Tennessee showed the impact of Vitamin C deprivation on mice resulted in a decrease in dopamine and serotonin, and a reliance on sugar. 


Like us, when we’re feeling anxious or depressed, these mice went straight to sugar.


A study in 1981 found both manic and depressed patients treated with a single 3000mg dose of Vitamin C were significantly better than those treated with a placebo.


The verdict is in, Vitamin C benefits mental health, protects against depression and anxiety.


7.      Vitamin C Keeps Your Skin and Hair Healthy


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps skin’s natural regeneration process and helps repair damaged cells. 


Just as consuming antioxidant Vitamin C rich foods helps fight free radicals and expels toxins from your body to help boost your immune system, topically applied, Vitamin C does the same.  Vitamin C in Kadee Botanicals skincare helps offset daily aggressors like air pollution and UV damage. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C neutralises the production of free radicals, or highly reactive molecules, keeping our body and skin cells healthy.


Vitamin C is incredibly helpful in keeping premature aging at bay.  By neutralising these free radicals, Vitamin C may help protect skin from sun damage and precancerous changes caused by our sun loving lifestyles.


Being highly acidic, Vitamin C triggers the skin to heal itself through the acceleration of collagen and elastin production.  It wakes up your skin to produce more of these proteins fibres that plump the skin and keep it firm.  By promoting the production of collagen, Vitamin C benefits the skin by preventing premature aging, keeping us looking youthful.


Another benefit of Vitamin C on the skin, is that it can inhibit the skin’s natural production of melanin.  This means, skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation and age spots can be prevented with regular use of Vitamin C on your skin.  Vitamin C on your skin has a superior brightening ability, without altering your skin’s normal pigmentation.


Naturally occurring in Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C is also safer than retinol to use on skin during pregnancy.


Australian Kakadu Plum contains the highest source of Vitamin C found in any plant and can be found in all Kadee Botanicals skincare.


In Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream, plant based Vitamin C together with Vitamin E doubles the skin’s protection against free radical damage.   Stored in an amber glass jars to protect the stability and potency of the product.


While you’re boosting you’re internal Vitamin C intake, don’t forget your skin.  All Kadee Botanicals skincare is made with Australian Kakadu Plum, the highest natural source of Vitamin C. 

With Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream and Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream, make sure your skin gets the Vitamin C boost it needs to boost collagen and elasticity helping to prevent premature aging.

Protect the skin all over with the Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion and prevent your skin from drying out.


Foods with Vitamin C


Want to know how to increase the Vitamin C in your diet and get the benefits of weight loss, strong immunity, better iron absorption, reduce blood pressure and protect from cardiovascular disease?


Australian Kakadu Plum Rosehip


These powerful food with Vitamin C will be sure to keep you and your family healthy:


Fruit or Vegetable


Vitamin C

Recommended Daily Intake

Australian Kakadu Plum

1 x Plum




1 x Guava




6 x Rosehip



Chili Peppers

1 Green Chili Pepper




Half a cup (56grams)




1 cup (152grams)




1 Lemon




1 cup



Kiwi Fruit

1 medium Kiwi




1 Orange




Half a cup (cooked)



Brussels Sprouts

Half a cup (cooked)












1 Lychee




We’ve carefully formulated our Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream, to be high in Vitamin C with Australian Kakadu Plum and Organic Rosehip Oil.  Along with Jojoba Oil and Australian Lilly Pilly, you won’t know yourself! 


Dab Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream and apply Kadee Botanicals Hydrating Day & Night Cream morning and night and repair your skin.   Banish hyperpigmentation and age spots, wake your skin to produce collagen and elastin and naturally slow prevent premature aging.